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    Hello Forum Members,

    We are introducing our self as group of software professionals. Our company name is CassInfoMedia and Our first launched product name is "RBLSTAT" .

    RBLstat is a completely automated cloud based IP & Domain black list monitoring & reporting service, which offers to get you update about your IP & Domain health. It informs you about health of your IPs & Domains whenever health status changed either from RBL to CLEAN or CLEAN to RBL.

    RBLStat sends quick & immediate email notification and keep you update each time when IP or Domains get listed in any RBLs.

    Website URL - http://www.rblstat.com

    We are also offering free account for a month.

    Free account Setup URL - http://rblstat.com/register.php
    Number Of IPs - 10
    Number Of Domains - 5

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