Real-time messaging=increase response=$$$

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    What Real-Time messaging?

    This “buzz” word has been popping up more and more these days and thanks to social media and our growing thirst to have it all now, email has adapted (as it always has) to the growing trends. Real-time messaging is nothing more than a fancy trigger system. It's a command set in place so that an action is deployed automatically when “triggered” by an individual ex. Welcome messages: when a recipients signs up to your email newsletters and automated message is sent to the recipients.

    I have always been a BIG supporter of welcome messages and triggers since it’s inception over 6years ago. However, real-time messaging is a little different and super cool all at the same time. Real time messages allows an advertiser or merchant to interact directly with a recipients if an action on a website is triggered i.e you abandoned your shopping cart at and the next thing you know you get an automated message from bestbuy notifying you that you "abandoned your cart and it’s so sad to see you go" :17:……….. Yes, it's little annoying I agree, BUT as a merchant or advertiser this is your chance to close ...can you say I N C E N T I V E !!!!! need I say more

    The below is some useful stats I got from my strongmail seminar last week, so I decided to have some fun with snagit ...enjoy

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