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    The proportion of companies that know what percentage of their email marketing budget is lost through non-delivery has been gradually decreasing since 2009, down to 12% this year. - Econsultancy "Email Marketing Census 2011" (2011)

    The biggest factors in improving deliverability, 64% said clean up-to-date lists, with relevance at 52% and sender reputation at 42%. - Econsultancy "Email Marketing Census 2011" (2011)

    Deliverability services are consumed at nearly 3X the rate of any other ESP service offering. - StrongMail "2010 Email Marketing Survey" (2010)

    Achieving strong inbox placement remains a challenge in the B-to-B sector with a delivered rate of just 75%. - Return Path (2010)

    Canada has the highest non-delivered rate blocking almost 14% of permissioned-based email. The United Kingdom boasts the lowest non- delivered rate, blocking only 10% of opt-in email. - Return Path (2010)

    Asia Pacific does better than Europe and North America with 86.9% of email delivered to the inbox, 3% is "bulked" and another 10% is missing. - Return Path (2010)

    In Europe, 85% of email arrives as expected with 3.6% ending up in the "junk" or "bulk" folder and 11% not delivered at all. - Return Path (2010)

    Twenty percent of email in the United States and Canada is still not making it to the inbox while 3% of email goes to the "junk" or "bulk" folder and another 16% goes missing. - Return Path (2010)

    source: email stat center

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