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    I hope you are doing fine. I am checking in to see if you are looking for marketing and data partners/supplier. We are providing b2b and b2c lists with email addresses and other information worldwide. We have 40 million b2b and 250 million b2c records across the world with their email addresses and other details. The list can be used for multi-channel marketing purposes like telemarketing, fax marketing, direct marketing and email marketing. We can be your partners and would be happy to work with you as your back end partners.

    We also expertise in:

    · Email appending, Data appending, contact appending, data cleansing.

    · Telemarketing, appointment setting and lead generation.

    · Website development, Redesigning, Graphic Designing,

    · Website Maintenance

    · Email template creation

    · PPC, SEM, SEO

    · BPO Projects, Inbound process and Data Entry

    . Digital Marketing

    . Brand Building

    · Outsourcing

    Please let me know if you need more information and we can discuss further steps.

    Best Regards,

    Steve Lopez


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    I should add this guy to my staff.
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