Response Policy Zones (RPZs): Use as a Blocklisting Process

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    Response Policy Zones (RPZs): Use as a Blocklisting Process

    Gradually it seems the word is spreading about a new blocking methodology to interrupt the ability of end users to click and visit phishing sites — thereby having their personal information/credentials at risk. This is the DNS Response Policy Zones.

    DNS RPZs allows companies that run recursive resolvers to create a zone that will not resolve specific domains. This is a second layer of filtering, and if a spammer manages to send an illegitimate email message with a malicious link into an end user's email address' inbox, then an ISP can still protect the end user from becoming a victim from the phish attempt. For deeper insight into RPZ, feel free to check out the helpful slides published by the ISC.

    Two blocklists recently announced that they're publishing lists in RPZ format so ISPs can import the data into their DNS recursive resolver. One of them is Spamhaus, who is currently running a beta for the DBL in a RPZ format. If you're a current user of the SpamHaus DBL product, reach out to Spamhaus about checking out their new format. There's also a news article on this.

    The other is SURBL, who's currently offering their list as RPZ.

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