Setting up a mailing schedule for Holidays

Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by roundabout, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Since Valentine's Day just passed, this is an interesting tidbit:

    Digital marketer Oneupweb reported top online sales in 2010 were February 5-6. That corresponds with e-mail offers tracked by Chad White of The Retail Email Blog. He reports Valentine e-mails peaking at an average of 2.9 a week for the week ending February 4. That same period also saw the first President's Day and St. Patrick's Day e-mails.

    Based on the above, a month out isn't too early. A week out is peak. Still nervous? In your first e-mail, include an option that lets recipients state how often they're okay receiving your offers. Customers will love you for it.
    I like the ending thought... including an option to allow recipients to state how often they would like to receive offers. How about if the choices were as follows:

    -100 times per day
    -50 times per day
    -25 times per day

    And that's it?

    Well, we can wish...

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