Smtp server with ip rotation

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    1.How many emails can i send in one day?

    A.The setup can handle mass email 50K/hr on multi threading softwares.

    2.Is there any limitation just like shared hosting?

    A.No hour limit.

    3.Do we have a panel to monitor the cpu/disk usage?

    A.Yes, you can reboot your vps also.

    4.What port are you using?

    A.We use different port to send emails to avoid email activity detection.Most vps provider monitor port 25.

    5.What mailer can we use?

    A.Any desktop mailing softwares and scripts.Atomic Mail Sender,AMS,Massmailer,Sendblaster,Mailerking,Interspire and any other softwares.

    6.Do we have Inbox (POP Access)?

    A.No. but all emails and bounce forward to any email you want.

    7.Can we use any name before

    A.Any name before @ can be use as "FROM" same username and pass.The server uses catch-all domain alias.
    This setting is good if your mailer support spinning syntax example >> ( every emails you sent will be unique and spf pass.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    8.Can inbox Gmail, Yahoo, CL?

    A.YES.Check our video below

    9.Does it work on Interspire?

    A.Yes using external smtp on IEM

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