Social Spam Index Launched

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    Social Spam Index Launched

    A new start-up company has announced the creation of a Social Spam Index. Impermium says they used data generated by sampling the social web during a 100-day period between June and August. They analyzed over 100 million pieces of user generated content take from social networks, blogs, and social bookmarking sites. This encompassed 90 million users in 72 countries. Among their finding was the discovery that nearly half of all online accounts created are fake. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and related accounts. To a site like Facebook, which routinely brags that they have 400 million plus users, it means quite a large chunk of them could be spammers and other scammers.

    Fake accounts are the lifeblood of spammers. Once they learned how to crack CAPTCHA, the floodgates opened. For example, there are thousands of fake accounts on Blogger, Google’s blogging platform. These accounts are used to host spam blogs and generate spam links included in millions of spam messages. Facebook and Twitter are also inundated with spam accounts. They noted that once the site was hammered with the registrations of over 30,000 fake accounts in just one hour. (I’ve experienced this first hand when the CAPTCHA system I used for a web forum I run was cracked. I was getting account registrations by the thousands, most from Hotmail or addresses). The index also reports that Amy Winehouse, Osama Bin Laden and Uggs boots are among the most exploited topics and brands when it comes to spam.

    Interestingly, porn appears have only a very minute piece of the spam pie. Breaking news, celebrities, fashion, and gadgets far outnumber it.


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