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    StreamSend from EZ Publishing

    Located in Davis, CA, USA and found at

    Products and services

    StreamSend is a cost-effective way to build and manage customer relationships. StreamSend allows you to send email newsletters, announcements, and other vital communications quickly, easily, and securely.


    Build and Manage Your Lists...

    * Create a list sign-up form in minutes
    * Import existing email lists
    * Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe contacts as desired
    * Confirm opt-in subscribers
    * Manipulate and segment customer information based on interests, demographics, or customized questions

    Create Campaigns...

    * Automatically format and deliver HTML, text email or multipart
    * Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe links created for message
    * Image Manager lets you upload and store your images in StreamSend
    * Online HTML tool allows you to create rich HTML emails with ease.

    Send and Track...

    * Target emails based on interests, demographics, or custom questions
    * Personalize each email automatically
    * Send preview email to yourself
    * Schedule date and time to send your email messages
    * Automatically track and flag invalid email addresses (Bounce Management)
    * Export list information
    * Live click tracking reports for each link in your message (including who clicked on each link and when)
    * Track message reads in real time
    * View detailed reports online or export to spreadsheet format

    Customers we serve

    StreamSend offers solutions that meet the needs of small to medium-sized organizations, including SMB, corporate divisions, non-profits, direct marketers, agencies, schools, and retailers.

    StreamSend customers include the RFID Journal, RISMedia, MadTV, and numerous Monster account representatives.
    Why you should pick us

    StreamSend offers an affordable email marketing solution backed by a strong customer support team. We offer a more user-oriented application. Our team of developers works closely with customers to integrate their suggestions into the application. Our focus is making email marketing available and easy for small and medium-sized companies and organizations.

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