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    Scroll down to see bolded text to cut to the chase
    StrongMail's Patented Burst Email Delivery Technology Attracts Daily Deal Site Customers

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- StrongMail, a leading provider of online marketing solutions for email marketing and social media, today announced a significant increase in customers for its burst email delivery technology, which is powering a rapidly expanding list of popular daily deal and flash commerce sites, including FamilyFinds, Joss & Main, HauteLook and Privalia. These companies are turning to StrongMail for its unique ability to reliably deliver millions of personalized daily sales event messages in a matter of minutes.

    For many daily deal sites, email marketing campaigns drive 70 percent or more of the traffic to their daily sales events. Ensuring that that these messages get delivered in a short window before the start of each sales event is critical for driving sales and customer satisfaction. With limited inventories and short sales windows, any delay or failure in these critical email alerts can cause customers to miss out on desired sales and lose interest in participating in future events. Customizing daily alerts based on member preferences and prior purchases is also important given the influx of daily deal sites competing for consumer attention.

    "Joss & Main is all about delivering to our members a daily dose of affordable luxuries for the home, and email is one of our most important means of communicating," said Mitra Morgan, Chief Curator at Joss & Main. "Every one of our members wants to find out what's on at exactly 11am. In order to keep it fair, we have to reliably deliver millions of emails in a very short time window. We gave a very stringent set of performance criteria to our email marketing team, and they selected StrongMail."

    StrongMail's patented burst email delivery technology gives companies access to a dedicated high-performance email delivery engine that is optimized to assemble and deliver millions of personalized messages in less than 10 minutes. In addition to providing companies with this essential speed and reliability, StrongMail enables daily deal sites to easily scale their email delivery to accommodate member growth. StrongMail's unique pricing model also offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any top tier email service provider.

    "The strong demand we're seeing from the burgeoning daily deal sector is being driven by our unique ability to get messages delivered at exactly the right time to drive maximum participation," said Scott Ollivier, vice president of product management at StrongMail. "We offer these daily deal companies dedicated, high burst rate systems that are free from the performance limits often encountered with traditional ESP platforms, where the competition for computing resources at critical times of the day has a real impact on time-sensitive delivery of offers. Basically, we give them the control they need to get highly targeted messages delivered on time – and at a fraction of the cost of competing providers."

    About StrongMail Systems, Inc.

    StrongMail enables marketers to forge meaningful, profitable and long-lasting connections with their customers through email marketing and social media. Offering a comprehensive suite of technology and services, StrongMail takes a fundamentally different approach to traditional email service providers that offers many unique advantages to brands. StrongMail's dedicated online marketing solutions offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any enterprise email marketing solution and easily integrate with customer data sources to help marketers improve the performance of their email marketing campaigns. StrongMail's email and social CRM agency provides industry-leading strategic and creative services to help marketers listen, learn, engage and influence best customers. It's these differences that have led Fortune 2000 brands to switch to StrongMail. Learn more at or via the links below.
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    Awesome speeds but it all depends on your IP reputation right? You might get that queued into your MTA but you won't necessarily ever get that amount accepted by the ISPs unless you are TOTALLY whitehat and Return Path certified.

    For example I have used Ironports, PMTA and Ecelerity and all promised great speeds (which we were able to get using native injection and sometimes our own customized injectors) but unfortunately we were never able to achieve the manufacturers promised delivery #s.
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    Do they provide IPs and hosting? Can you import lists?
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    Cost you well over 100k the first year. You provide the ips the provide you a delivery expert'
    Last I heard from the dude who owned it was that it was sitting in a closet with the rest of the 'waste of money' hardware.
    Maybe a lot has changed since 2006. But when I spoke with SM (back then) they would not touch you unless your data was generated by you and used only by you.

    Let's put it this way: when a major body of government spends over $300k then shelves it because a local ESP can do better for a fraction of the price, it's got to tell you something. Right?

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