Tactara Announces Acquisition of AdRevolution

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    Targeting Technology to Offer Smarter Solutions to Online Marketers
    LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 1, 2012) - Tactara, LLC ("Tactara"), a leading provider of infrastructure and reputation management services for email publishers, announced today the acquisition of AdRevolution Operations, LLC ("AdRevolution"), a pioneer in email personalization and targeting technologies. Founded in 2005 and based in Austin, Texas, AdRevolution provides advertisers with highly targeted email publishing services that drive increased revenue, better returns on media dollars spent, and improved campaign engagement metrics.
    "AdRevolution's targeting technology is far more sophisticated than what is used by most email publishers," said Crosby Haffner, CEO of Tactara. "At the heart of AdRevolution's proprietary software platform is its Natural Intelligence Marketing Engine ("NIME"), which performs predictive analytics in real time to select the most relevant advertising content for each consumer. By understanding behavior and interests down to the individual user, we can create a more personalized online experience, which leads to greater consumer engagement. The result is a win-win for advertisers, consumers, and ISPs alike -- better audience targeting, desirable content in the inbox, respect for consumer permission, and lower volumes of email overall."
    Enhancing Tactara's infrastructure with AdRevolution's engagement expertise will equip advertisers to reach their intended audience with relevant messages. "In today's online environment, the attention of consumers is increasingly valuable and contested, and consumers themselves are more sophisticated and capable than ever," continued Mr. Haffner. "By layering AdRevolution's targeting technology onto Tactara's services, we can provide advertisers with more innovative ways to engage with their target markets."
    Andrew Westmoreland, CEO and founder of AdRevolution, said, "We are excited to be part of the Tactara organization. Tactara is a leader in promoting best practices in sustainable email publishing, which means our visions for our business and the industry as a whole are intimately aligned. By powering Tactara's scaled audience with AdRevolution's targeting technology, we will provide advertisers and professional marketers with effective solutions to create meaningful consumer engagement and ROI."
    AdRevolution is a market leader in high engagement interactive advertising through its proprietary one-to-one targeting platform. AdRevolution presents relevant advertisements to consumers, increasing revenue for publishers and return-on-investment for advertisers. Learn more at www.adrevolution.com.
    Tactara has provided email delivery and reputation management services to leading email publishers since 2005. Tactara's services help email publishers increase revenue and build more successful businesses through better data management and publishing practices. Learn more at www.tactara.com.

    source: http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Tactara-Announces-Acquisition-of-AdRevolution-1707929.htm

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