The Importance of Data

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    The importance of email's role in the marketing mix has repeatedly been proven but despite the length of time the channel has been around and the tools available to maximize list performance, many email marketers aren't unlocking the full potential of the data to hand.

    When international SaaS firm Emailvision surveyed 700 online marketing managers from around the globe it was clear from the response that email remains an integral part of their marketing activities. Despite the rise in new technologies such as mobile almost 90% said email is "the same or more important" to them today as it was 2 years ago.

    However, the survey revealed that many marketers are failing to undertake even the most basic email targeting. Only 20% personalize all of their email communications.

    Similarly, the majority (85%) feel the consumer data they have acquired is not being put to use effectively, if at all.

    Overall, just over half (55%) of the marketing managers surveyed were satisfied with their ability to undertake basic targeting and segmentation.

    "Emailvision's research shows that most online marketing managers are not using the full range of available data to maximize the effectiveness of their messages, but the good news is that marketers clearly understand the importance of data in email marketing," said Tim Watson, an Email Marketing specialist and board member with the UK DMA.

    "With visibility and actionable data, marketers know they have a tremendous opportunity in 2012 to take their email marketing to the next level."

    Recent research by StrongMail found that most marketing executives, 92% to be exact, plan to increase or maintain current levels of marketing spend next year.

    Out of the 939 executives surveyed 60% said they expect to raise their email marketing budgets in 2012, the top channel for increased spend. The top email marketing initiative for 2012 for 48% will be increasing subscriber engagement followed by improving segmentation and targeting (44%) and growing opt-in email lists (32%).

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