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Discussion in 'In The News' started by roundabout, May 24, 2011.

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    Internet service providers are cracking down on e-commerce web sites run by spammers.

    ISPs belonging to the London Internet Exchange (LINX, which handles more than 90 percent of the UK’s Internet traffic, have voted through a code of practice which gives them the mandate to shut down websites promoted through spam, even if junk mail messages are sent through a third-party or over a different network. The move is intended to remove the financial incentive to send spam.

    Additionally, Linx is calling on ISPs to shut down Web sites used to sell spamming tools, such as CD_ROMs containing millions of illegally-collected email addresses.

    LINX regulation officer Malcolm Hutty said: “This represents an ever tougher approach to spammers. ISPs are not just trying to avoid their own users sending spam, we want to put the spammers out of business altogether.”

    Many UK ISPs already close ‘spamvertised’ websites under their terms of service. However, because most spamvertised web sites are hosted in the overseas countries where the spam also originates, the success of this new initiative depends on LINX pressuring ISPs overseas into adopting more rigorous practices.

    Hutty said: “The new BCP (Best Current Practice) will raise the baseline, making the worldwide acceptable minimum standard tougher. We will be working to spread this standard beyond the UK and asking for support from the UK government at WSIS (the World Summit on the Information Society), OECD and other international forums.”

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    This doesn't surprise me coming out of the UK. They're all about monitoring everyone and shutting down whatever they don't like. They're no better than the old USSR (minus the killing). England is a pile of shit in regards to free speech and privacy.

    It's kinda sad they let a bunch of lady boys take over their country and lose their empire.
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    Step 1) Identify your competitor's websites
    Step 2) Spam their domains to every scrub file you can find
    Step 3) Profit!

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