Three Australian Ex-Googlers Are Re-Imagining The Future Of Email

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    Cameron Adams, Jochen Bekmann, and Dhanji Prasanna have started in an effort to help you get through your email inbox 20% faster, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.
    The three Australians formerly worked on Google Wave before quitting to work on email at Fluent. They identify email as a means of communication that has "stagnated," so hopefully their product goes over better than Google Wave.

    Their solution turns your Gmail account into a Facebook-style newsfeed. You're able to view attached images in a slideshow and view emails sent to a certain address in a timeline format. Fluent also introduces the idea of searching by time -- you're able to select an email address and a time frame, like one month ago, to view the corresponding emails sent and received then.

    Fluent will allow a small number of users on board as beta testers. Its business will offer the basic email experience for free or for a small fee, and to offer special paid features on top of it, such as document collaboration and third-party service integration with Dropbox or Google Docs.

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