Time to Hammer TCN's Medicare Zip Submit

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    Hi Everyone,

    Open Enrollment is back! From October 15 - December 7, seniors have the opportunity to change their Medicare plans. During this time last year, The Click Network did massive volume. The Presidential race is coinciding with Open Enrollment this year and as it heats up, so is Medicare Insurers, resulting in even higher conversions than last year.

    As you're aware, the Presidential debate focused quite a bit on cuts to Medicare. Whether or not the "$716 Billion" taken from Medicare is accurate, that is the number that is sticking in the minds of Americans. It's causing deep concern and resulting in a rush for senior citizens and their children to actively shop for the best Medicare solutions. We saw quite a significant increase last week in clicks and conversions. Last year conversions tripled and, for some mailers, quadrupled during Open Enrollment and in the following months. This year will be even better.

    Medicare Insurers (Zip Submit) - EXCLUSIVE ---- $4/Zip Submit
    Link: http://www.medicareinsurers.com/?hi...=tcn400000&said=zipadm&geo=us&tm=test&so=link

    PM me for more details if interested.


    Jennifer Rozario
    Director of Affiliate Marketing
    The Click Network

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