Tips for Getting new ESP Accounts & Lists Approved. PART 2: Lists, Campaigns, Social Media

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    As promised, here is Part 2 of our big-name ESP tips. If you've missed Part 1, you can catch it here.

    1. When importing lists, many big-name ESPs have automated filters in place that check for known problematic email addresses, and if enough of these are present in your list, it will red-flag your list or whole account. If it's a new account, that can be the end of it.

    Some ESPs will actually take a random sample of the list and automatically submit it to a list scrubbing service to see how it does compared to other lists.

    Only use fresh quality lists on ESPs, and on new accounts always start with your best, most recently mailed lists first.

    2. To ensure you pass these automated tests, it's critical to hygiene your lists before importing them to ESPs.

    If a list hasn't been used in a few months, you should also delivery verify the list prior to import. Make sure the delivery verification method you use actually connects to the SMTP to verify each address.

    The last thing you want to do is end up using your new ESP account for data cleaning purposes. A high bounce rate and/or complaint rate will definitely get your list or account flagged.

    We can recommend the best companies to use for both hygiene and delivery verification. If you're planning on finding one on your own, make sure they can verify Yahoo.

    3. Your first few campaigns are critical as many ESPs will manually check the initial campaigns you send. Ensure you have a quality email newsletter template and send informative content that's consistent with what subscribers signed up for.

    4. Avoid controversial content in your initial campaigns, and make sure the content appeals to both men and women. You want to ensure complaints are kept to a minimum, so ensure you content doesn't bore or offend anyone.

    5. Most modern websites now include social links. However, it's important to only include links to business social profiles that have sufficient and recently posted content, and profiles that have been properly configured.

    If you're not confident in the quality of your social profiles, it's better not to include the social links on your site. Linking to incomplete or outdated social profiles can have the opposite effect of what you're looking to achieve.

    We also offer social branding packages to quickly build an impressive social presence for your brand.

    6. Spend 10 minutes to write a brief overview of your business model. A simple 4-6 sentence overview is sufficient.

    Ensure the overview is easy enough for anyone to understand. Use this overview to explain your business model to your ESP or any other service providers you deal with.

    Stay tuned for Part 3 coming next week which will cover extra elements to improve your odds of getting approved and other bonus tips.

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