Tips for Making The Most of a Holiday Weekend

Discussion in 'Noob Central' started by airin, Nov 23, 2011.

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    So this may not be your first holiday weekend as a mailer, but there are always a few things that I suggest doing to increase revenue.

    First, single people are lonely on holidays and dating offers pick up a lot. We are entering the busiest month for dating offers, so if you aren't running anything dating related I suggest you test it. A good time to send would be Thanksgiving morning when all of the single people are at home, bored and waiting for it to be time to go wherever it is they are going. There won't be much on TV, the stores will be closed, so they will be online surfing the web and checking email. Also, don't just stick to one offer... send a few - Hookup, Christian, Jewish, Mature Singles, etc. While offers like do work, the niche offers always seem to get more traction.

    Next, tweak your from and subject lines (just make sure you get approval). Using Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday Special, The Perfect Gift, This Holiday Season, Tis The Season For Savings, The Perfect Gift is Inside, etc. are all good catch phrases. You can also create urgency by highlighting avoiding long lines at the stores. Look at some of the things that bigger brands are using and mimic them. I am signed up for so many newsletter from major companies just to see what they are doing... it's a good way to get outside of the "industry" box. Having unique content & from/ subject lines also helps increase delivery.

    Right now As Seen On TV, Thompson Cigar, Personalization Mall, Santa Letters and other offers that translate into gifts are hot offers. This weekend officially marks the beginning of the holiday frenzy, so make sure you are putting offers like this into your rotation - even if they don't normally work for you people's focus is shifting from their normal day to day worries. Personally, I highly recommend testing Thompson Powerhouse 16. we are seeing mailers converting up to 15% from the click on a sale offer. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it.

    I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!
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    Tips from PSM -

    1. schedule mail for the next 72 hours
    2. log off of everything and turn your computer off
    3. stock up on booze
    4. drink heavily
    5. eat like there's no tomorrow
    6. enjoy yourself

    Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    :eating: :alcoholic:
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    Awesome post! Thanks for the tips for us new mailers.

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