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    All good stuff, important parts I've bolded.
    In order to protect the deliverability of emails that are consistently wanted and to avoid these getting cluttered and over crowded by emails that are never wanted, more and more ISPs have started using engagement to decide where an email will land in each of their recipients' inboxes. Each measured reaction by the ISP will not only decide where your email will go for that recipient but will also affect the sender’s global reputation and subsequently deliverability at the ISP.

    Here are my top five ways of maintaining and improving your reputation and what you should monitor and look to increase.

    1. Getting clicks

    One of the most obvious actions of engagement; someone clicking through from your email is an obvious sign of a positive action. Even the view in a browser link can help. Some marketers like to put a lot of links in their emails to maximise on the possibility, if you do this please ensure it does not over power the recipient. Email marketing newsletters tend to have quite a few links already. Popular options for primarily single call to action emails, like events, include:

    * Adding additional menu type link further down the email in the footer

    * Breaking the content into three parts (rows),

    i. Quick convert: making it easy for people to open the email and click through;
    ii. Elaboration: just under the quick convert section add something like a bulleted list of benefits to help convince those who need a bit more to click through
    iii. The full blurb: a more detailed explanation of the benefits of converting

    2. Added to safe list

    It’s popular to ask to be added to the safe list or address book in the preheader of an email. This will tell the hosting ISP that the sender is a contact with wanted content, so less filtering will be done on the email's content and in some places the images can be automatically loaded. This is definitely a positive for a sender's reputation.

    3. Replies

    People replying to emails tend to signify that a conversation is taking place. ISPs and postmasters will always prioritise one to one emails between individuals, most of which will pay their wages, over an external senders' bulk email. Replies will happen all of the time between them so they are definitely good for you. Gmail was trialling automatically loading all images from the sender who the recipient has replied to twice, and I have not read anything to say that they have turned it off.

    4. Opens over time

    The idea is to compare how many emails have been opened over time in comparison to how many have been sent. Generally senders with a high number get a better reputation. Recently some ISPs have stated with that this method was more trouble than it is worth and have given up.

    5. Being marked as 'not junk'

    People moving emails from the junk folder into their inbox is the biggest gesture that recipients can make to improve reputation for a sender. Normally if the message has gone to junk, the reputation is pretty bad already. However, it’s not the end of the world, your sign-up process should include information on who the double-optin/welcome email will be coming from and even the subject line. This way the momentum from the engagement of opt-in should provide enough motivation for a new sign-up to go and look in their junk folder if you are not placed into the inbox straight away.

    At the same time ask to be added to the safe-list so it does not happen again. This information can be in the sign-up landing page, the double-optin/welcome email and the landing page from the double opt-in conversion link click.


    Roundy Thoughts:
    You will be surprised at how many people respond to the actual email and ask a meaningful question. e.g. Can I get more info? etc. etc. Likewise, you may get physical REMOVES by people too lazy to link hunt. And, if you have poor list building skills and poor hygene, lots of four letter words. ALL THREE are equally good for engagement if you reply.
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    Awesome Post! However, this only seems to cover the front-end of mailing, it should also be noted that setting-up a proper back end i.e spf records, DNS/rDNS, domain keys, DKIM is also super important especially if you're trying to increase reputation. Also, do a header spot check (using seed account) since DKIM can prove to be a heavy load on some platforms and may fail.

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