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    1957 - Auto - 1st Page (Mobile & WAP Optimized)

    Payout - $2.00 on a 1st page submit
    August Overall CTC: 30.0%
    August Overall EPC: $0.63
    GI Averages: 20.1% ctc - $0.43 EPC (Keep in mind our system reports gross clicks, including bots)
    Yahoo Averages: 45.0% ctc - $0.99 EPC
    AOL Averages: 44.6% ctc - $0.95 EPC
    Cable Average: 49.4% ctc - $0.99 EPC
    AOL/ Yahoo Combo Averages: 53.1% ctc - $1.12 EPC
    Mixed Averages: 50.1% ctc - $1.08 EPC (These lean more towards Major & Cable domains)

    This offer has been one of our top offers for a couple months now and does well across all domains. We have multiple creatives, from & subject lines that we developed and are exclusive to Crush. We will also gladly make you your own exclusives if you need that to help with delivery - everything MUST be approved prior to sending, this advertiser is very strict.

    ***IMPORTANT*** That being said they have had a lot of issues with publishers doing things they shouldn't and getting them in some serious trouble and potentially huge lawsuits. As of September 1st this offer will be going down on a LOT of networks. CrushAds is NOT one of them, but we have agreed to a certain level of transparency with them. If you are running with us your AMs will be reaching out for more details.

    Take advantage of dropping this offer this weekend - there are Labor Day creatives ready to go and these holidays always show a nice spike in traffic and conversion rates!

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