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    Located in San Francisco, CA, USA and found at

    Products and services

    Topica is a privately-held email marketing solutions provider that helps small and medium-sized companies acquire new leads, convert those leads into customers, and grow their businesses through end-to-end email marketing solutions. Firmly committed to permission-based emailing, Topica is a member of TRUSTe and the Email Sender & Provider Coalition of the NAI (National Advertising Institute), and all Topica solutions are 100% compliant with state and federal privacy, permission and anti-spam legislation.
    Customers we serve

    Topica is proud to support the email marketing and sales needs of a broad range of companies of different sizes and industries, including internet retailers, online publishers and interactive agencies. To date Topica has served over 4,000 clients in 20 countries.
    Why you should pick us

    Topica's Email Marketing and Sales Solution provides you with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use hosted application which combines data integration and analysis features, conversion optimization tools, and industry-leading email marketing capabilities. This solution provides you with a reliable and extremely cost-effective way to create new leads, convert them into paying customers and generate maximum value from them.

    Topica also provides world-class support and training as part of your Topica account. We offer free online help and standard support for all customers and premium support packages for customers wishing for additional assistance. Also, you can take advantage of customized training services to meet your unique needs.

    Thousands of customers trust Topica to build their business, convert leads to customers and increase the ROI on their sales and marketing spend. With our industry leading technology and highly praised Customer Success team, we can take your business from building a strategy to building a relationship with your customers.

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