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Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by docbrown, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Just curious what the consensus is on the length of urls in the email body. Shorter the better? Is there a character limit you try to stay under?

    Currently I have links that look comthing like:
    http://click.somedomain.com/XRudGJuamkA8BP4if35j7y08Eb4Z9ZIVaOz9jdao4J59aMUojepHsOOFSsgJ608... up to 100 + characters

    Would it be better if I had something more like:

    Just to be clear I'm not talking about using a public url shortening service.

    curious on everyone's thoughts and if it makes any difference or not with regards to filters, etc..
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    May 4, 2012
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    I don't think it really matters, I have seen a very lengthy links and they inbox just fine, the only problem I have with long url is sometime the spam filter showed up as "hex in url". Not really sure what that means though.
  3. ProducerK

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    I don't think the length of the domain matters so much...
    But I do believe that any listings on the domain or ip that is associated with that domain will have a large impact on delivery.
    That also does for the domain you are using in your creative, as well as the actual domain/ip associated with the offer and the final destination of the link.
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    From the user point of view, the domain's length always matters. Shorter is always more trustworthy and less spammy looking.
    Less meaningful is the length of the whole URL, although common logic says the rule must be the same - the shorter the better. But too short and unrelated URL may look even more spammy, when user sees that it is just an obvious URL-shortener and the sender is hiding the real URL behind it for some dubious reason.
  5. phdesign

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    Dec 12, 2011
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    I do agree about normal and short domains as mentioned. And to the original point of the ridiculously long URLS that some MTAs have, personally I would go for shorter.

    There are a few things to consider with the URL length.

    First off, will any users see them (i.e. are you mailing HTML or text creatives)? If you are only mailing HTML then the users really won't see the links much. There is a chance they may see them when all the redirects are happening or when hovering a link.

    Second, will they care? I think this is primarily what you are asking about and to a degree they might. 10 years ago, super long URLs seemed fishy. Nowadays, when you get far enough into an eBay or Amazon search your URLs are as long as the one above or even longer.

    Heck, even Google doesn't show the real URL they are tracking in the search results. The actual links there are a mile long as well, but most people probably don't pay attention to them, especially as there is trust.

    A year ago I was working with an injector that had some lengthy URLs. And, while it had a great purpose behind an encrypted string of gibberish, the darn links started out literally a paragraph long like this:


    While we did get clicks on these links, we eventually got them masked down to somewhere around 15-20 characters beyond the domain. While maybe a super long link gives users more clickable area, at some point you have to draw the line.

    Third, are there filters that may pick up on what is in the links? For example if you're mailing GI, is there anything Spamassasin checks in your links that you have to worry about?

    Here is a dated list of Spamassassin tests:
    http://spamassassin.apache.org/tests_3_3_x.html There are a few checks here for length of URI.

    I just looked in my Yahoo junk folder and some of the links are just as long as the one above if not longer. If people don't see them and there are no filter issues, you probably won't have a problem.
  6. rdy2rock

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    Companies such as icontact have really long urls. If they can inbox with long url's, why can't you?
  7. nickphx

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    Apr 2, 2011
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    Be mindful of certain clients that don't appreciate urls over certain length.

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