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    Products and services

    VerticalResponse, Inc., is the leading provider of self-service and customized direct marketing solutions, empowering businesses to build, control and measure their own direct marketing campaigns.

    VerticalResponse offers the most intuitive Web-based direct marketing solution allowing customers to deliver highly sophisticated and easy-to-deploy email marketing campaigns as well as printed postcard campaigns for delivery through the US Postal Service.
    Customers we serve

    Thousands of corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, government entities, clubs, and associations of all sizes use VerticalResponse for their online and offline direct marketing needs.

    Small and medium-sized businesses select VerticalResponse for its cost-effective nature and on-demand, pay-as-you-go pricing model that includes no contracts or monthly charges.

    Ease-of-use, template variety and software that's adaptable for all verticals has made VerticalResponse the choice of companies in a myriad of industries, including hundreds of restaurants, hotels, wineries, retail stores, home-based businesses, and non-profit organizations.
    Why you should pick us

    Unlike other email marketing services, VerticalResponse requires no contracts, and charges no upfront or fixed monthly service charges - Simply pay as you go.

    HTML Email creation is simple: choose from over 200 Email templates, upload your own HTML, or we can create a custom template for you.

    VerticalResponse enjoys great relations with ISPs, as well as a 98% deliverability rate, ensuring your email reaches the inbox.

    In addition to Email, you can send beautiful 4-color printed Postcard marketing campaigns right from your desktop - that are printed and mailed by VerticalResponse. Just like email campaign creation, with VerticalResponse's easy-to-use wizard-based software, creating postcards takes only minutes.

    VerticalResponse's customer support group is always happy to help you with anything from the simplest questions to step-by-step assistance in the creation of your next email and postcard campaigns.

    Try VerticalResponse for free: Get a free account, create and test as many emails as you wish, create a free opt-in form to help grow your database, and even send yourself a free postcard.

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