W4 Issues What you think?

Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by Patrick64111, Dec 4, 2011.

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    Ok I saw the little post about W4 and thought I would chime in here with a post about them. I started mailing to one of their exclusive health insurance submits. I was making daily drops and not having any problems.

    My AM hits me up and says the advertiser wanted to see my creative, I gladly sent it over. The next thing I know is my AM telling me that my traffic is not backing out for them. I was getting over a 30% conversion ratio.

    My thinking in this whole thing is that they wanted my creative, which was one of theirs, and in-house the offer. I asked the AM if there was an issue with their creative, I was told everything should be fine. Then boom they notified me that I was off the offer.

    I have a very close friend that this exact same thing has happened to him, not on this offer. Has anybody else had this happen with w4? What do you guys think?

    Just to clear up the traffic not backing out, I sent or forwarded the traffic to a real similar offer that I have direct, that advertiser has been really happy with the traffic, in fact she has asked us to increase it!
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    Yeah.. I was running some dating offer for them, it was doing really well for me.. Then I get an email saying advertiser says traffic isn't backing out..

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