Watch Out for Father's Day Spam

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    Watch Out for Father's Day Spam

    Cyber-scammers are gearing up for Father's Day this Sunday with a new spam campaign promising dads a box of premium cigars.

    Sophos researchers have intercepted a large number of "Buy your Dad a cigar" spam over the past few days, Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, wrote on Naked Security. The spam campaign offers 12 premium cigars, a lighter, and a cutter for just $19.95. When the unsuspecting recipients click on the link in the email message, thinking they have found the perfect gift for dad, they are routed to gambling websites, Cluley said.

    As spam campaigns go, this is pretty generic. There is an offer that sounds too good to be true: as any cigar connoisseur knows, 12 premium cigars would never be available for just $20. It's unsolicited, as you've probably not signed up with sites asking for deals about cigars. And it claims to come from a [email protected] at an unknown company, See those red flags?

    "You shouldn't click on links in unsolicited emails, and you should never consider purchasing products promoted to you via spam messages," Cluley warned.

    Links to Gambling Sites
    The links in the emails did not direct users to a fake storefront, but to gambling websites. It's possible the spammers made a mistake when creating the campaign and accidentally linked to these sites when they planned to use a different site, Cluley said.

    But it seems more likely that these scammers were taking advantage of Father's Day to pick out some affiliate cash. By driving traffic to these websites, they probably earned referral fees from the site operators.

    "Presumably the spammers are hoping to earn affiliate commission by driving traffic to the websites, and hope that the thought of buying a cigar at the last-minute for Father's Day will be enough to get folks to click," he said.

    Holiday-Related Scams
    Security experts have long warned users need to be vigilant around special occassions and holidays for these types of scam. In fact, just before Mother's Day last month, Trend Micro security researchers reported fake e-cards and spam masquerading as specials from Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD), a flower delivery service. McAfee researchers saw spam offering Mother's Day deals for Rolex watches.

    Be careful about clicking on links in spam messages. They can redirect you to fake storefronts or to malicious sites that can download spyware and other boobytrapped goodies on to your PC.

    And have a Happy Father's Day.

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    I pretty much only click on the viagra spam links. ;)

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