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    Another silly reputation article stating the obvious, but here is the good part which sheds some new light:

    Some of the key takeaways from this study are:

    * IPs with very poor reputations (as measured by a Sender Scores of 40—49) are rejected at the gateway at an extraordinarily high rate of 83.5%.
    * The average IPR for IPs with Sender Scores of 91 or greater is about 88%, which is significantly lower than the 99% “accepted” rate that many ESPs report.
    * Spam trap rate information shows that the best mailers – those with Sender Scores above 80 – have few, if any, spam traps on their list.
    * Senders with better reputation metrics have cleaner lists. When it comes to legitimate email, unknown user rates higher than 1% is problematic and should be addressed quickly.
    * Servers with good reputations are far more likely to pass checks for DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) than those with poor reputations. But even IPs with relatively high Sender Scores still struggle with authentication. Our study found only 55% of IPs with Sender Scores of 90 to 100 passed checks for DKIM.

    Full article:

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