Worst Time of Day for Email Delivery

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    As a young child, my big brother always got to choose
    what to watch on the TV. As a result, I watched a lot
    of sports growing up.

    What got me was my brother typically watched the game,
    while reading his book. I would complain - "But you're
    reading! How can you watch!" He always replied, "I'm
    watching too - I can do both!"

    As I ended up actually watching the sporting event - if
    he missed a play or needed an update - I'd fill him in.

    It's only now, with my tablet in hand, that I too will
    divide my attentions. I regularly watch TV and go surfing
    on my tablet in the evenings!

    Nielsen recently reported that in the U.S., 88% of tablet
    owners and 86% of smartphone owners said they use their
    mobile device while watching TV.

    What's the main activity of all these TV watchers on
    their mobile devices?

    Checking email of course!

    But that's not necessarily good news for email marketers.

    A Knotice mobile email study shows that email opens on
    smartphones and tablets rise in the evening hours.
    Starting at 7pm / 8pm the mobile device email opens
    increase and stay high through the night until about
    6am the next morning.

    Desktop usage and email desktop opens are highest during
    the daytime work hours and then mobile takes over on
    nights and weekends.

    The most interesting finding of the Knotice study is
    that email open and click through rates are twice as
    high on desktops!

    It seems watching TV while checking your email on a mobile
    device - causes a decrease in email response.

    What's more, Knotice reports that individuals only read
    your email once. They do not read your email on a mobile
    device and then view it again on a desktop. Your email
    has one chance to get the click through.

    As an email marketer, these findings show how critical
    time of delivery can be for your message.

    Delivering a message between 7pm at night to 4am in the
    morning is not going to get you the response you desire.
    You're then in competition with the TV! Late night is
    the worst time of day for email delivery.

    A 6am - 4pm delivery on the other hands gets your message
    into the inbox during prime desktop hours - the best time
    of day for your email to get opened and clicked!

    Abbie Drew
    DEMC Editor
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    I'd say more of 6am - 2pm if you want a huge response, but nonetheless, good article, ty for sharing.

    Does anybody here actually send email to their phoine and design their templates around this specifically? Is it working?
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    Agreed - Nice post Arbydar, very imformative and makes alot of sense :)

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