Xhibit Launches Its Powerful New Platform

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    Xhibit Launches Its Powerful New Email Marketing Platform FlyReply(TM) To Service Top Advertisers And Ad Agencies

    TEMPE, Ariz., July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Xhibit LLC ("Xhibit" or "the Company"), a wholly owned subsidiary of NB Manufacturing (OTCQB-NBMF), has launched FlyReply(TM), its premier product developed and offered completely through the facilities of Xhibit LLC.

    FlyReply(TM) is an ESP or Email Service Provider platform developed, owned and operated by Xhibit. It is a next-generation marketing product designed to service top tier marketers, advertisers and ad agencies with a highly effective and intuitive email marketing suite, providing integrated social media with leading edge advertising and analytical tools. It is supported by Xhibit's comprehensive digital strategy, including full service digital ad agency and marketing resources.

    Email marketing is the fastest growing segment of the direct marketing industry. Leading providers in the space including iContact, Constant Contact, Exact Target, SilverPop, Hypermail, StreamSend, SimplyCast, Elite Mail, Topica, Mailigen and VerticalResponse have demonstrated dramatic growth over the past five years. The total spending forecast for this segment is almost $11.8 billion with an estimated 18.5% growth rate over the next five years[1].

    Mirco Pasqualini, Creative Digital Architect for Xhibit's FlyReply(TM) brand explains, "FlyReply(TM) offers a suite of solutions not available through other Email Service Providers - services that we think will make FlyReply(TM) an extremely valuable product to our clients and really set it apart."

    "We have launched the system with several top tier clients to demonstrate just how effective our product really is. These clients are already enjoying significant improvements to the inbox deliverability of their marketing and advertising campaigns via email using our new platform and we expect with the guidance of our team of digital marketing strategists, it will have a strong positive impact on their ROI."

    "From the clients' perspective FlyReply(TM) offers new deployment and analytics tools for email and social media marketing campaigns that just aren't available in other ESP solutions. Our intuitive and easy to use platform provides detailed guidance through the process of creating and launching an online marketing strategy, which allows our users to quickly see the increase of their ROI."

    "This product is our first offering that was developed and delivered completely using the integration of Xhibit's technology and marketing teams. It's a true showcase for the way we expect to develop leading edge products that are best-in-class for the digital marketing and advertising segments we serve," Pasqualini added.

    FlyReply(TM) was developed through Xhibit's integrated technology development group with an original target launch of November 2012. Based on efficiencies in the design phase and early success in testing, the Company was able to deploy the working platform in July 2012, nearly four months ahead of schedule.

    The FlyReply(TM) service is fully operational and provisioning its operations for new clients seeking to increase their ROI on marketing and advertising delivered by email and/or social media platforms. For more information see www.flyreply.com

    About Xhibit LLC.

    Xhibit is a cloud based marketing and technology development company focused on digital advertising, online and mobile social media, CRM (customer relationship management) solutions and games. Xhibit offers a total solution for digital advertising that is integrated throughout its divisions and shares technology and resources across all of its services. Through its subsidiaries, Xhibit utilizes its branded products and services to provide digital marketing and advertising solutions for top tier advertisers and agency clients.

    For more information see www.xhibitcorp.com .


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