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    Hey Guys,

    Keith Scott with XRev Media LLC here. First time I have posted in here, but I wanted to bring you guys some goodies.

    XRev Media is a private network predominantly geared towards mailers. We accept publishers on a referral basis only, but in light of the ownership/moderators on here I have decided to allow anyone from mailerforum.com acceptance.

    What can you expect from XRev Media?

    1. All Publishers receive Weekly payments. (If minimum volume does not justify weekly payments, you will be released)
    2. Guaranteed payment - If for any reason we are not paid, you wont even know about it. You are paid on time every time.
    3. 24/7 support from your AM. Private cell numbers are accessible to you AM. If you need anything, call. We understand that YOU are network and 1 on 1 contact is always available (preferred).
    4. Stats are always available upon request to any offer. No guessing or "taking our word for it". You can see the proof in the pudding before running the offer.
    5. Offer Request - While realistically I can not guarantee I can get you an offer, I will say to this point we have not failed to achieve a publishers request with 48 hours.

    Small taste of what we have...

    Offer #1
    Vertical: Bizopp
    Promotional Methods: Email, Social, Display

    Screen Shot: September Stats

    We only have a few guys on this offer, but they are seeing positive and consistent results.
    Currently filling about 75% of the cap on this offer. So can allocate around 100 leads/day to anyone interested.

    Vertical: Bizopp
    Promotional methods: Email, Social, Display

    We are currently acquiring the AOR on this offer for our Publishers. We have been testing the last 10 Days with positive results once again.

    Screen Shot: Last 10 Days

    Allocation is open at this point. Will likely fill up quick once our current guys start scaling.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop a line and let you guys know what we are about. We hit up almost every show and would love to meet with you guys at any upcoming events.

    Not going to leave a link to sign up. Simply contact me and after a brief chat I will create you a Publisher account with us. I will go into detail about the above offers as well as answer any questions you may have.

    Happy Mailing :vroam:
    Keith Scott
    XRev Media LLC| Director of Business Dev.
    AIM: XRevKeith
    EML: Keith at xrevmedia.com
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