Yahoo Retiring Old Accounts

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    Yahoo Retiring Old Accounts

    Email expert Laura Atkins put the word out that Yahoo is retiring old accounts, shutting down a few little-used products, and generally cleaning house. Spring cleaning is probably good news for Yahoo, but it could mean higher bounces for you.

    Just to ease your mind, we haven't seen a huge uptick in bounces. We're remaining steady with a 99.5% delivery rate, but the results will vary by user. Our sending volume to Yahoo is significant enough that a few users could easily get lost in that statistic.

    Rather than sounding the alarm, I thought I'd explain why this move by Yahoo shouldn't surprise you.

    What happens to that Comcast address when you switch to satellite? What happens to your business address when you change jobs? Email addresses get abandoned all the time, and if you're not careful, they can really junk up your list. For a large ISP like Yahoo, mass deleting a bunch of old accounts may cause waves, but these dead addresses aren't anything new.

    Wait, it gets even more fun because ISPs dont always let those abandoned addresses go to waste. Sometimes they recycle an old address into a new spamtrap. The ISP knows the account isn't being used, so any new email that comes in must be spam, right? That's an easy way to get your campaign blocked. So how do you combat this?

    Do your own spring cleaning, and keep your list lemon scented fresh. I know, I know. It's not fun to clean house, but you don't want your email list to go full hoarder. Please, please don't do that to your list. Maintaining your email engagement is such an easy thing.

    With a little introspection on your reports, you'll be ready to cut those inactive subscribers just in time for summer.


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